The Pass – Acknowledgements

Thank you to these Individuals, Services, Departments, Agencies and Societies, as we could not have been historically accurate within this series without them, one and all!

Thomas Urbanek

Matt Schenk

California Valley Miwok Tribe

The United States Secret Service

The United States Central Intelligence Agency

Chaun Mortier – Truckee-Donner Historical Society

Bill Oudegeest – Donner Summit Historical Society

Richard F. Weingroff
Information Liaison Specialist,
Office of Infrastructure,
Federal Highway Administration,
U.S. Department of Transportation

Julia Stoner
Reference Librarian
Geography and Maps Division
Library of Congress

Jeff Asay: Volunteer and Chris Rockwell: Librarian
The California State Railroad Museum Library and Archives

The St. Joseph Public Library
Mary Beth Revels
Sharon Canter
Jennifer Sanders-Tutt

The Staff of Young Guns Inc of Apex, NC! 

We thank you all!