Welcome to the Pass

From Matt:
I finished The Pass!
Boyo! I feckin’ loved it! It has a strong story and it’s not like anything anyone else is doing that I can think of. I want to see what happens next!
I know Keefer has red hair but the whole time I was reading it I was picturing you in a cowboy hat… I can totally see that.
I also appreciated all the little details, like when Ed shoots Keefer with his own gun and it blows up in his hand… I know you went to great lengths to research that. And the petroglyph Keefer saw at the pass itself.


From Thomas:

The book is awesome!!! I like all the back story being spread out as you read. The story keeps you in suspense throughout the story as well. I also like how you guys intertwined the paranormal into the story and it was not overwhelming and kind of had a realistic sense to it with what Keefer was questioning and doubting what he was seeing and feeling.

Awesome job, great read. I hope the ending means there will be another! It was hard to put down my phone, wanted to keep reading.