Interesting Facts about Jiangshi



Name: Jianshi
Nicknames: Jiangshi (more accurate), Goeng-shi Hoppers
Region of Origin: China





  • Catch the Breath – Jianshi can sense any living creature within 10 yards without fail, but only if the creature is currently breathing. If it is a creature which breathes (i.e. not an insect, but any other animal) and it is not holding its breath when the Jianshi is searching the area, the Jianshi can find it. Jianshi can also instinctively differentiate the “noise” of other creatures in the area, and thus even sense its human prey in a rat infested basement (for example).
  • Soul Drinker – Jianshi do not need to drink blood, and instead can feed on the literal life force of its victims. Typically, they do this by holding down their victim and “kissing” them, which draws out their life essence. Just like with blood, they need not kill their victim, but as no physical harm is caused there is no evidence. Plus, by consuming Yang energy (i.e. Soul) the Jianshi can temporarily (for the first hour after feeding) ignore their “Stiffness” weakness.
  • Tongue Lashing – Jianshi have the ability to extend their tongue up to five feet and this appendage is wholly prehensile. It is strong enough to lift a human adult off the ground and has enough gripping force to choke the life out of a victim.


  • Fear of the Sun – Jianshi are not notably damaged by sunlight, but it is both uncomfortable and terrifying to them. When the sun rises, the Jianshi are forced to flee in terror to the nearest shaded or enclosed space. Typically, they will gravitate towards caves and sewers if caught in the sunlight, but most will wisely head to their (often lavish) homes long before the sunrise.
  • Prayer Strips – Jianshi can be bound in one place or even compelled to perform a simple task (can fit on a strip of paper no larger than 2×8 inches) by affixing a strip of paper with traditional Chinese calligraphy written in handmade black ink. Tradition states that only Taoist priests are capable of doing this (just as the Jianshi want it), but anyone (even mortals) can do this if they have the proper materials. Taoist priests (specifically those who are Mages) know of arcane methods of this practice which allow the priest to enslave the Jianshi instead of issuing simple and temporary commands.
  • Stiffness – Jianshi are not wholly immune to rigor mortis and while their undead state allow full motion and action, they lack the preternatural speed of their Vampiric cousins of other Lineages. The supernatural levels of other attributes are unaffected.*From